Car Service

Car Service

We are one of the leading car service provider in Dubai. We provide a full car service including change oil, brake, spark plugs, and filters.

Change oil service

Changing the oil on time is a very important factor to avoid serious damages to the engine and gearbox. It is recommended to regularly change oils and filters and use the right oils for each car engine. Our technicians have the experience to service any kind of car or brand as per the manufactures’ book. We ensure that our staff is up-to-date by providing the proper training and developing their skills as well as introducing new technologies. For a smooth run of the car, make sure to change the oils and filters on time and don’t risk damaging your car. Our oil and filter change service includes:

Oil change, Engine flushing, filter change, smoke stop, and engine seal liquids. 

Lights service

Lights are not only very important to drive at night, but also, they are essential indicators for other drivers. Our technicians will make sure that your car’s headlight, fog lights, taillight, reverse, breaks, and indicator are working perfectly.


Spark plugs

Spark plugs can decrease the power of the car engine and might cause the car to stop working. It is important to use good quality parts as per the manufactures’ book.

This service includes

  • Brake pads and oil check
  • Coolant
  • Scheduled services
  • Air Filter

One place for your car needs

Each car and each customer is important to us, we are ready to go that extra mile to provide a tailored service and ensure customer happiness and satisfaction.

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